I’m just going to start by saying…better late than never! Can’t believe I wrote my first Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint post almost two months ago and I am just getting around to posting part II now! Part II is all about the wax!  I mentioned in my first post that I am pregnant so my husband took care of this part for me.  All of the materials that were used in this post can be found at Suite Pieces in Huntington Station if you live on Long Island.  If you don’t have a store near you that sells chalk paint or wax you can order it from Annie Sloan’s Website.  Please note that this type of paint is different from chalkboard paint and can’t be found at Michael’s, Home Depot, or Lowes.

Step 1 supplies - Annie Sloan Clear Wax and brush

Step 1 supplies – Annie Sloan Clear Wax and brush

Once your paint is completely dry dip the brush into the wax and spread it across your piece of furniture.  The wax is what seals the chalk paint and prevents it from chipping or cracking so you want to use enough to prevent that from happening.  However, using too much wax will leave the piece of furniture tacky and will keep it from drying for a long time. As you apply the wax be sure to rub any excess with a clean rag.  The rag is also useful for when bristles come off of the brush and stick to the furniture!  For some people this completes the project.  If you’re looking for a more vintage or aged look move on to the next step once your piece is dry.

Step 2 supplies - Miss Mustard Seed's Dark Wax

Step 2 supplies – Miss Mustard Seed’s Dark Wax, brush, and a rag.

You may notice that this is not Annie Sloan’s Dark Wax.  Suite Pieces was all out of the Annie Sloan’s Dark Wax so they recommended something called Miss Mustard Seed’s Dark Wax – a product very similar to Annie Sloan’s.  This was my first time using something made by Miss Mustard Seed and I was really happy with the results and can’t wait to experiment with more of her products in the future.  Using the dark wax is basically the same as the clear wax.  The only thing that you want to keep in mind is that the dark wax is obviously not clear! Soooo start with a little and use the brush to spread it out and create the look that you want. Then let dry!

Dark wax before being spread with the brush

Before the dark wax is spread 

after dark wax is spread using the brush

After the dark wax is spread 

I love the way that the chairs turned out! The one mistake that I made was leaving too much time between painting and using the wax.  There are a few little cracks on the top of one of my chairs so learn from my mistake and don’t let too much time go by between those two steps.

I love the lines that the dark wax allows you to create.

I love the lines that the dark wax allows you to create on the furniture!

The finished product!

The finished product!

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