As I have said many times before, our house is small.  Finishing the basement gives us extra living space and I really want to make that space count for us and for the purpose of resale. Living in a small home has taught me to really think about what I want each space to be –   I am all about having toys around the house for kids to play with but I still want it to look like adults actually live here too. I am always thinking about how to make a room functional and nice to look at.

What I want this space to be…

– a place that is inviting for children and adults

– a place that encourages education/play

– a place that showcases Derek’s hobbies/interests

– a place that can be used to entertain


Rustic Schoolhouse Meets Vintage Varsity

Screen Shot 2015-09-16 at 12.45.43 AM


The colors for this room are based on the teepee that we bought Blake for Christmas. Neutral grays and creams accented with dark walnut trim.  I love the idea of using clipboards instead of frames and an old pull down map that some of us remember from school.  Derek’s favorite sports growing up were lacrosse and hockey.  I plan on using the clipboards to hold vintage hockey and lacrosse patents. Derek still has his high school hockey bag so I plan on incorporating it into the design as well. Right after I wash it!


Paint – Creme by Sherwin Williams

Floors – Tavern Oak (Lowes)

Area Rug – Ikea

Throw Pillows – Ikea

Pull Down Map – Vintage…and yet to be found!

Hockey and Lacrosse Sticks – Vintage…and yet to be!

Teepee – RH Baby & Child

Sherpa Rug – Ikea

Hockey Patent - Etsy

Clipboards – Staples


Here is a sneak peek of the reading corner…



Blake’s favorite place of all is the teepee! He gets a big smile on his face every time he’s in it!



I will share more as this space comes together.  Our next project down here is refreshing the brick and replacing the wood burning stove.

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