Now that the big projects in the house are finished I can finally share all of our paint choices with you!  About four of these colors were used when we staged my mom’s house to sell.  I loved them so much that I decided to use them in my own home.

Anew Gray – Sherwin Williams


Agreeable Gray – Sherwin Williams


Since we have an open floor plan we wanted to use a neutral greige color.  To add a little dimension to the space we used both anew and agreeable gray on opposite walls.  Then we tied it all together by using both colors as stripes on an accent wall (see photo below).


Silken Pine – Benjamin Moore


I love the way silken pine looks with natural lighting.  There are some yellow undertones in this color and you can really see them when the lights are turned on (yellow isn’t my favorite) but I love the way this color looks against the white tile and vanity.

Wavecrest – Behr


This color is so beautiful. You can’t tell how amazing it is from this picture at all.  This color is used in our office aka the dumping ground of the house while we complete all of our projects.  When this room is finally completed I will take some updated photos so that you can really appreciate it.  This color is great in a living space or bedroom as well, so if you have been looking for a pale blue color – this is it!

Alpaca - Sherwin Williams


I love this color for our son’s room.  However, if you are looking for a true gray I would stay away from this specific color.  Depending on the light in the room this color can almost look like it has a little purple in it.  It works really well with the slate blue bedding and cream furniture.

Office Blue – Valspar & Aesthetic White – Sherwin Williams


If you’re looking to paint some stripes in your house Aesthetic White by Sherwin Williams is a great off-white color. I went with a darker blue on the opposite walls so that our bed and nightstand would pop.  I love softer tones and that is why they’re used throughout the house.  It’s nice to use something on the darker side for a change.  Before I had bought this white comforter set I had a darker one and it wasn’t working in this space.  You can never go wrong with white bedding – not matter the paint color you choose!


I hope that if you were looking for a new paint color you found one here.  I always find it easier to choose a color when you have a real-life picture to look at.

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