DIY photo canvases are one of my favorite projects ever! They are much easier than they look! This post will show you how to make them in 6 easy steps! Everything you need is available at Michael’s (minus the photos obviously). Here is what the finished product will look like…




Here is what you will need:

Photo canvases from Michael’s

When you are making more than one canvas it is cheaper to buy them in bulk. I bought the Artist’s Loft 8×10 pack of 10 for $19.99.

Paint for the side of the canvases

I used a shade of gray from Craft Smart.  I chose gray because it is a neutral color that blends nicely with the photos that I was using. If you are using sepia photos I would recommend something more along the lines of a tan or ivory color.


You will need foam brushes and a small regular brush or two.  The regular brushes are to paint the edge of the canvas so it shouldn’t be too big.  Don’t worry about brand here, any old brush will do for this project and they are just going to get covered in modge podge and paint anyway!



Modge Podge

Meet your new best friend! I used the 8oz. matte modge podge and had great results with it.  Depending on how many photo canvases you plan on making you might want to consider the 16oz. bottle, but that is definitely for a large amount.  I would say that you can get away with making 10 photo canvases with the 8oz. bottle and still have a little left over for some other fun projects.



Your choice!

Paper towels/tissues

A few sheets of whatever you have at home.

Scissors, ruler, & a pen

Whatever you have at home.


Steps to take:

1.)  Make sure that your photos match up to the size of the canvas.  Even if you have an 8×10 canvas and an 8×10 photo, the photo will still overlap the canvas.  Take this first step to use your pen, ruler, and scissors to try and make sure that this doesn’t happen.

2.)  Paint the edges of the canvas using one of your small brushes.  Don’t worry about staying in the lines! I recommend that you paint not only the sides but continue to paint along the edges on the front of the canvas.  This is so you don’t see the white of the canvas if you cut your photo unevenly or too small.

3.)  Once the paint on your canvas is dry you are going to use your foam brush to spread an even layer of modge podge on your canvas.

4.)  Place the photo on the canvas and use your paper towel or tissue to smooth out any bumps that may be under the photo.  Make sure that there isn’t any dust particles on the front of the photo as well.

5.)  Use your foam brush to spread a layer of modge podge on the front of the picture.  Make sure that your brush strokes are even because when the modge podge dries you will still be able to see the brush strokes when you look at the canvas from different angles.

6.)  Let it dry, hang it up, and enjoy!!!

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