The Christmas decorating has begun! I have been feeling a little under the weather but on Sunday I finally felt enough like myself to start decorating.

Started with a tablescape…

This is the third time that I've used the these birch wood rounds…can't get enough of them!


This is the third time that I’ve used these birch wood rounds. I can’t get enough of them. Especially paired with the white cake stand and bell jar!




Picked up a few boxes of silver and gold bells at Marshalls.  I love the way they look in this milk glass bowl.



This is my new favorite project! It’s super easy to do and it makes a great holiday gift.  Below you will see the materials that I used.  Everything can be found at Michael’s.



The chalkboard stencil is hard to see so the link is here.  As well as the erasable liquid chalk marker.




I used card stock to make a stencil for painting the chalkboard paint. I didn’t want the edges to be too perfect so I used a small brush to go around the outside and give it a rustic look.



These are the stencils that I used for the letters.




I love this project because it can be so many different things.  I am choosing to use it as a holiday decoration this season but it could also be used to display a monogram or menu throughout the year.

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