A little necessary background info for this post – our house was the first home that my parents ever lived in. They moved out before I was born and kept it as a rental. Almost two years ago we decided to buy it from my mom and renovate it. My dad passed away nine years ago so coming across certain elements of the house that he worked on has been really special.

This is what our bedroom looked like before we renovated (you can see a current photo of our bedroom if you click & scroll down here).  The weathered wood on the walls was put up by my dad.  Before he put it up on the walls about 30 years ago he let it sit outside for a few months, making it literally weathered wood. I knew we wouldn’t be keeping the wood on the walls so I started to think of different uses for it.


We thought about making barnwood doors (I have been dyyyying for barnwood doors) but then we decided against making them for this house.

It’s funny how creative you can get when you have to childproof your house but you still want things to look nice! I’m always looking for new ideas so if you have any please share! When my son started moving around we knew it was time to get rid of the little end table that was underneath the mirror pictured above.  I had to think of something that would be safe enough for my son yet aesthetically pleasing.  Notice that the shelf is high enough for me to style with objects that aren’t exactly child-friendly. This is what I consider a win for mama! The books were purchased from this Etsy shop.


This project was so simple – it was as easy as cutting the pieces of wood, staining the ends with Classic Gray by Minwax, and ordering brackets that would fit.  I wanted the shelves to have a Rustic French Country look so I went with these wrought iron brackets from Etsy.


I don’t know what my dad did to get the wood to look like this other than leave it outside.  This project could easily be replicated with a piece of wood and some stain.  Check out this great instagram post from Infarrantly Creative on suggestions for layering stains.

gildingwax  We also made two more shelves for the living room.  I painted some frames with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and added some gilding wax in silver and gold.  You can see the detail that the gilding wax adds to a project in the above picture.  It’s my new obsession and I might not be able to stop using it!  I purchased the gilding wax from The Dusty Attic Shop.


When I sit on my couch I look at these shelves and think about how happy I am to use something that my dad crafted in our home. This is what creating a space is all about to me. Incorporating something special or sentimental and letting it tell a story.   The pictures on this shelf represent key moments in my life that my dad couldn’t be a part of and that will always be sad to me but when I look at the shelves…I’m not sad.  They are a constant reminder that he is everywhere, watching me live my life with my beautiful family and chase my dreams.

What are some of the sentimental pieces you have in your home?

2 thoughts on “Sentimental Shelves

  1. Aly Sorrentino

    I can’t believe I haven’t read this post! So beautiful Dana, I never knew this story and I absolutely love it! Those shelves are so special & the thought your dad put into weathering his own wood is just the design idea and work that you put into everything!


    1. Dana Post author

      Thank you Aly! I love the way that they look but knowing that my Dad used them and I brought them back to life is so fulfilling! Thank you for reading and for your support!


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