Here are some quick and easy crafts that I came up with for Valentine’s Day this year!

All you need are doilies, a couple of different pieces of scrapbook paper, and ribbon or twine.



1.  Doily Heart Garland

I cut out hearts from scrapbook paper and glued them to the middle of the doily.  Then I used twine to string them together.  If you see that the doilies are starting to curl from the glue put a book or something flat over them to flatten them out.

photo-7 copy 4

photo-7 copy 5


If you make vertical heart garland you might want to put a doily on either side of the twine, because they tend to spin when they are hanging vertically.





2.  Reasons Why I Love You Tree

The branches are from Pier 1 and the vase was something that I already had.  I used leftover scrapbook paper and twine to make the hearts.  My husband and I wrote different reasons why we love each other  on the back of the hearts and then hung them.  I can’t wait to continue this tradition.   I am thinking that each year we will hang some old hearts and some new hearts!




3.  Love Banner

This craft was made out of scrapbook paper and ribbon.  I cut some of the pieces into triangles and used a hole puncher on the top to punch holes for the ribbon to be strung through.  I am terrible at drawing letters so I printed out letters in a large font and then cut them out and used them to  trace letters on the other pieces of scrapbook paper.





If you have leftover supplies…

Overlap leftover doilies around a candle and tie a piece of twine around them to hold it together.  It should look something like this…




Happy crafting!


Lola's Key

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